Be Honest With Me

Originally written: January 12th, 2019 Take aback, zigzag your calibration until the epitaph appears. Baby bruises with jobs gritty and horned, while a vagabond suffocates—again. Say, Kris Jenner, is this Lo-Fi?  Aesthetic loveless and parting; a benediction for the Dada empire. Desire defiler unpoison us, so… Read More

I’m Published!

The 2019 volume of Main Squeeze, Southern Oregon University’s anthology of student work, was released this week. It’s a wonderful showing of the creativity on campus. Oh, and I’m in it too. Humble brag aside, I’m really thankful… Read More

AWP: A Wildly Portland Weekend

This past week I got to experience my first Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference. It’s funny—before winter term, I had never heard of this event. Yet after my professors described it as “Comic Con for… Read More

The Process

Originally written: October 28th, 2018 Sometimes the scariest things are the least cliche. This piece from last term was written after our teacher challenged us to write a scary story that didn’t involve the traditional monsters and ghouls we see in… Read More

Night of The Dancing Dame

Originally written: November 28th, 2018 Starting off with a very short piece, here’s something I wrote in Intro to Creative Writing last term. For this exercise, the teacher instructed us to make the familiar feel strange, or make the strange feel… Read More

Is This Thing On?

Hi all, and welcome to my new writing blog! Give yourself a moment to let the imaginary fanfare and cheers die down….And now continue reading. To be honest, I have no idea how this all will work out…. Read More