Piece in Mixed Rice Zines + General Update

Mixed Rice Zines’ latest edition, Queering Friendships, is out now, and I have a piece in it. It’s probably the most emotionally vulnerable piece I’ve published yet, but I’m honored to share it. To learn more about the… Read More

Featured on Literary Ashland!

I was recently a guest on Literary Ashland, a radio show about writing hosted by Ed Battistella and Michael Niemann. We talked about how I got into writing, what I like to read, and I even shared two… Read More

Extra Salt

Originally written: March 2nd, 2020 A piece from last term, working with time between scenes. The questions my professor asked of us were: How can you have a large space of time past but maintain the story? Image… Read More

Ice Queen

Originally written: October 21st, 2019 Media made man is merch, but all the cons are during school, so forget the physical and stick to the visual; stick to the audio, the most important sense for your sanity.  You can try to explain… Read More

Long Time, No Post

The school year is back in session now, which means I’ve become swamped with work again. I’m so busy I couldn’t even scratch up a doodle for this post! Summer ended up being a sort of small break… Read More


Originally written: May 31st, 2019 Hopeful melancholy comes lying down,as the sun traces your body, barefor no one but yourself to see. Light a loving touch on your armfiltered through upturned blinds,kissing the blanket’s softness, switchingsides as lazily… Read More

Redesigned website + Published, again!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed already that the website has under gone a few changes, to put it lightly. I’ve finally solidified what I want to get out of this site. From this point forward,… Read More


Originally written: March 20th, 2019 The last piece of work from Winter term. This is the longest piece I’ve posted yet (2,750 words) but it’s also one of the ones I’m proudest of. For this assignment we tried… Read More

A Moonlit Secret

Originally written: February 6th, 2019 The backstory for this piece is that my class had just read Talented Mr. Ripley, and our teacher wanted us to play with two things: using free indirect discourse, and writing something where… Read More

A Test Before Hannon

Originally written: January 27th, 2019 I’ve gone to church, but I am not religious. Yet religion was with me when,  as a familiar sermon filled my ears—clapped, in time with my steps  I turned a corner on my… Read More