Book Review: Hunting Abigail

Note: An ARC of Hunting Abigail was provided through Reedsy Discovery. Click HERE to a read a preview of the novel, as well as links for where to buy it. This review is reposted from Reedsy. Thank you!… Read More

Book Review: Like Wings, Your Hands

Note: This ARC was given to me by the author. It will be officially released by Ren Hen Press in October 2019. Like Wings, Your Hands is unlike anything I’ve read before. Coming-of-age stories aren’t rare, but this… Read More

Book Review: Less

Aging is a strange thing. There are days when I feel too young for most “adult” issues. Then I see the younger siblings of people I graduated high school with graduating high school, and suddenly I feel ancient… Read More

Book Review: As a River

Note: This book is an ARC given to me by Jaded Ibis Press at AWP19. It will be formally released in September 2019. As a River by Sion Dayson is a story about family, finding yourself, and learning… Read More

Book Review: Juliet Takes a Breath

We’ve all heard of life-changing books. Books that, upon finishing them, give you a new lens with which to see the world. Colors become brighter, everyone seems nicer, every problem you ever thought you had is solved, and… Read More