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Amber M. McGee

Author, Editor

Mixed-race lesbian working towards receiving a Bachelor in Fine Arts for Creative Writing with a minor in English. Part-time book reviewer and website manager. For any questions, work inquiries, or general commentary, email is the best way to reach me.

Published Works
  • “Dear Jen” – Mixed Rice Zines, Queering Friendships, 2020
  • “god? it’s me, Unfortunately” – Main Squeeze vol.4, 2019
Work Experience

Hannon Library

Circulation Student Assistant
January 2019 – August 2020

The Circulation Student Assistant performs routine work at the library Circulation desk, helping students, staff, and public patrons with borrowing and using library resources.

  • Assist patrons with basic catalog searches, referring to a research librarian when needed.
  • General cashiering for outgoing fax services, earbud sales, public printing, and booksales.
  • Assist patrons with locating library materials including referrals to other departments.
Non-Paid Positions

Book Reviewer
January 2020 – Current

Book Reviewers select books authors have submitted for discovery to review, offering a fair and unbiased look at the work which will then be published alongside it on

  • Select and read books before their release, choosing genres and topics that align with personal interests.
  • Write a fair and unbiased review about the work read, between 300 – 400 words.
  • Rate the work from 1 to 5 stars, and submit review to be published alongside the book.

Multi-Racial Student Club

Budget Chair
June 2019 – June 2020

The Budget Chair creates the club budget for each term and submits any needed paperwork to the InterClub Council, as well as manages spending for club events.

  • Develop a club budget to be submitted at the beginning of every school term.
  • Work with fellow club chairs to plan events and future spending opportunities.
  • Represent club in matters of budget and finance in front of InterClub Council.

Queer Student Union

April 2019 – current

The Secretary is responsible for organizing club meetings and maintaining both a list of topics discussed in meetings, and a list of topics to be discussed in future meetings.

  • Record minutes to keep record of discussion and plans for following meeting.
  • Assist President in organizing meeting times and notifying others.
  • Keep track of information for club events, such as list of other clubs to work with, or people who need to be contacted.

Creative Writing Club

Website Manager
April 2019 – current

The Website Manager maintains the club website and advertises it. They are responsible for site maintenance and moderation, in addition to making relevant posts.

  • Oversees that site is functioning properly, with no broken links or unreachable pages.
  • Moderates content that is posted onto site, ensuring spam comments are deleted.
  • Responsible for making as-needed posts for club purposes, such as meeting time announcements or writing prompts.

James Logan Courier

August 2015 – June 2016

Book Columnist
August 2014 – June 2015

The Book Columnist is responsible for producing a weekly book review column. The Editor-in-Chief oversees the paper, assigns stories to reporters, and posts them onto the website.

  • Complete assigned stories and have them posted in a timely fashion.
  • Create weekly list of stories that need to be reported on, then assign them to reporters.
  • Overlook submitted stories before posting to fix any grammatical or spelling mistakes, or to send back to reporter in case of quality failure.
  • Well versed in Microsoft Office and Windows operating systems.
  • Experienced in creating and managing WordPress sites.
  • Currently enrolled in intermediate German.
  • Competent in various styles of writing: academic, review, creative, and professional.
  • Organized and self-motivated; can be involved in multiple projects at a time without dip in quality of work.
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