Piece in Mixed Rice Zines + General Update

Mixed Rice Zines’ latest edition, Queering Friendships, is out now, and I have a piece in it. It’s probably the most emotionally vulnerable piece I’ve published yet, but I’m honored to share it.

To learn more about the Zine, you can check out its page here. Physical copies are available for $10, and digital PDF copies are available for $5. You can buy the Queering Friendships zine here, as well as Mixed Rice Zines’ other editions. All proceeds from this release will be donated to Black Trans/GNC/NB individuals.

As for a general update, I’m on summer vacation now and (thankfully) still healthy. All this really means is that I’ve been reading more, but also have been sleeping until noon more. I do have some writing and submissions planned, but I’m sure its understandable when I say that it’s a bit hard to focus right now.

Even so, I hope to get myself out there more soon. So thanks to everyone supporting me, and to those giving me the chance to put my writing out there. It truly means a lot.

Stay safe everyone!

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