Ice Queen

Originally written: October 21st, 2019

Media made man is merch, 
but all the cons are during school, 
so forget the physical and stick to the visual; 
stick to the audio, the most important 
sense for your sanity. 

You can try to explain it all but it never makes sense. 
You don’t allow it to. 


I dunno. 

How come? 

No idea. 

One day a steel door simply wedged itself somewhere 
between your heart and your mouth, opening only 
when the flooding pressure of tears and love and guilt 
and peace become too much. You count its openings 
by the depth of the dust. 

Everything’s always obtuse isn’t it? 
Be straightforward for once—it’s not that hard to say 
“this means a lot to me; I am not cold;  
I am rich on the inside,” 
now is it? 

This is the opening poem to my chapbook Connected to…. If you like it, you should buy my chapbook and check out the rest of the poems! It’s only $3 for 13 poems after all, quite a deal I’d say. You can find the purchase option in the sidebar.

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