Be Honest With Me

Originally written: January 12th, 2019

Take aback, zigzag your calibration until the epitaph appears. 
Baby bruises with jobs gritty and horned, 
while a vagabond suffocates—again. 
Say, Kris Jenner, 
is this Lo-Fi? 

Aesthetic loveless and parting; a benediction for the Dada empire. 
Desire defiler unpoison us, 
so the turkey vulture may poach no mouthfuls of olives. 
Say, George Washington, 
Christian backhander, 
is midheaven unfulfilling? Fuck. 

An overrent reality shutdown—sold to none but the urinal. 
I saw that floater, heard the goldfish kick itself. 
You spot Chuck, Lily, Marx, and me, facing the waiting wolf. 
Say, turgid Republican, 
is astrophysical theory gripping? 

Sunny rain content makes moist bagels: meth, for the moth, 
Coke, for the hawk, Pepsi, for the doll. 
None pay, alone in rocky spots. 
Say, One Direction, 
is it unhealthy, pink panty ratings? 

Quenchless naps inc. operationalize Laotian murder spells. 
The lion represents taxes (illegally) online, 
paid in ratings and Döner and Katsu prong. 
Say, Pierre, is the fountain of dimness 
found in a prison page? 

The background to this poem is that our teacher wanted us to create an IUD (Impersonal Universe Deck). You can read more about it (in his own words) here. The basic idea is filling in random words you think of based on prompts, and then asking people some peculiar questions to get words from them. Then you take this jumbled assortment of words and try to make a poem out of it. This is what I came up with.

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