Is This Thing On?

Hi all, and welcome to my new writing blog! Give yourself a moment to let the imaginary fanfare and cheers die down….And now continue reading.

To be honest, I have no idea how this all will work out. I’ve become accustom to sites like Tumblr when it comes to blogging, and the last time I used WordPress was in high school. Even so, I want this blog to at least be something, you know?

For the time being my focus is going to be uploading old works. That way when I finally write something new it’ll become clear how far I’ve come. I have a lot of ideas for what I’d like to see this blog become in the future, but none of that will happen until I actually build it up first.

Some ideas I’d like to implement in the future are:

  1. Include audio readings on all my posts. At this time that is not possible since I’m using the free plan, but hopefully in a few months I’ll feel confident enough to upgrade and get those audio files.
  2. Have a story summary page. There you’d have an overview of the stories I’m working on currently (there’s two), and the posts associated with them.

I thought I’d have more, but this is all I’ve got for now. Only time will tell how this (somewhat) spur-of-the-moment decision pans out, but like every other beginning blogger and aspiring author out there, I’m hoping for the best.

Engagement and support means a lot to me. I’ve never been so open with my writing until recently, so this is kind of a big step. Therefore, if you actually sat and read this whole thing, congrats! You get to think about how great at this whole author/blogging thing I am.

Thanks for checking the site out (and reading this post). Let the fanfare and cheering start up again as you click out of it.

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